Stylish Ways to Cover Your Arms in the Summer

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It might be hot out there but I’m still not going to show my arms!!”

I hear this ALL the time from my clients and other women who despite warmer temperatures and heat waves still will not show their upper arms. 

Let me be clear on this, when I say never, I mean never, ever, ever will some women show their upper arms! 

No matter if their arms are not nearly as bad as the think they are, the majority of women over 50 would rather be in a continuous hot flash then give the public a flash of their upper arms.

This all means I need to come up with stylish and literally cool ways for items that women can wear when the temperature and arm phobias rise.

The simplest way to cover up and stay cool is tops and dresses with sheer sleeves. But that means buying new clothes instead of figuring out how to wear the ones you already have. 

The best solution is buying a few toppers, to go over the clothes you own as well as sleeveless tops and dresses for truly unbearable hot days, so you have the option to peel off a layer.

Oh, and in case you are wondering what a topper is, it’s my word for pieces that go over clothes. Instead of suit jackets, which look dated, cardigans which never look as good on a person as they do on a mannequin, and oversized flowing sweaters that can make us look bigger, please check out below, my my resources for stylish ways to cover up your arms, feel cool and look great. 

I love the designs from Eight Senses. This swingy upper arms cover-up is elegant and gorgeous.

Stylish Ways to Cover Your Arms in the Summer

A more casual, low cost and extremely light cover-up, similar to what I’m wearing in my below video is available on Etsy.

Stylish Ways to Cover Your Arms in the Summer

Ted Baker Cape/Scarf – Can be worn as a scarf or a lightweight cape.

Stylish Ways to Cover Your Arms in the Summer

Eileen Fisher Poncho – Very lightweight and on sale!!

Stylish Ways to Cover Your Arms in the Summer

Nic and Zoe lightweight cardigan is not at all a typical cardigan and is a staple in my client’s closets.

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