Summer Sandals Your Feet Will Love

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It’s time to break out the summer sandals and here are a few that you feet will actually love – like flip flops with a hidden orthodic arch, a cushiony sandal made from yoga mats, and Merrell doesn’t just make great comfy shoes for winter – there’s an awesome sandal that you can walk anywhere in.

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling

Summer Sandals Your Feet Will Love

There are over 4,000 positive customer reviews on Amazon for this super comfy sandals. They have a cushiony-soft footbed made from a real yoga and cozy cloth straps. They are also machine washable.  They come in several colors and are about $28 on Amazon.

Wedge Sandals with Pearls

Summer Sandals Your Feet Will Love

Customers love these because they are cute and comfy too. Nearly 1,000 positive reviews.  $25.98 – $34.98 Amazon.

Walking Beach Sandal

Summer Sandals Your Feet Will Love

This sandal is lightweight and has a hidden Orthotic to help prevent muscle imbalances and fixes knock-knee and bow-leg. $19 Amazon.

Merrell Terran Sandal

Summer Sandals Your Feet Will Love

If you love your Merrell’s in winter, you’ll love them in the summer too, with these comfortable sandals you walk in all over the place. $49.99 – $149.96 Amazon.

Flip Flops Your Feet Will Love

Summer Sandals Your Feet Will Love

Over 5,000 customers love these sandals.  Great arch support, and many customers have said they help with plantar fasciitis and other foot issues. These come in several colors too. $39.97 – $69.95 Amazon.

Swim, Beach, or Yoga Shoes

Summer Sandals Your Feet Will Love

High quality, non-slip water shoes are breathable, ultra-light weight and easy to slip on and off.  $5.99 – $13.59 Amazon.

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  1. Avatar Catherine says:

    You should check out tidalnewyork flip flops, they are the most comfortable flip flops I’ve ever had and they are American made and they employ veterans.

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