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We all could use a little style inspiration, right?  So I decided to inspire a few clients, in the form of outfits created uniquely for them – I’m calling it their Summer Style Refresh!  I’m creating outfits that work for their specific body types and lifestyles, based around events that typically arise in the summer – barbecues, weddings, etc etc etc.

I recently worked with Angie, to give her some fun summer outfit ideas.  Angie is a working mom, with two school-age sons and the hectic schedule that goes along with it.  She’s also a personal trainer/fitness coach, so when she’s not playing mom, she’s running to and from clients and classes.  At 5’3”, Angie is on the petite side – and since she works out a lot, she’s also got great shoulders.  So what we focus on is creating outfits that balance her proportions, and that are stylish, yet simple – ideal for a mom-on-the-go.


A night out with the hubby is the perfect occasion to add a little sexy into your life – but that doesn’t necessarily mean plunging necklines and skintight dresses.  In the summer, show off some leg!

Why did I choose this for Angie?  Short(ish) shorts + high heeled wedges = legs for days!  This adds length to Angie’s petite frame, and also balances out her broader upper half.  Then adding a flattering color in an easy blouse silhouette keeps it from heading into overtly provocative territory.


Everyday running-around leaves little time to think about what you’re wearing, especially for a working mom.  So how do you up the style quotient?  Take your normal pieces, and elevate!

Why did I choose this look for Angie?  It’s her everyday uniform, upgraded.  I traded skinny jeans for slim cotton cargo pants, changed her cotton tank to a drapey printed one, and switched simple flip-flops to suede flat sandals.  Voila! Mom style, elevated!!!


If you’re lucky enough, you get to squeeze lunch with friends into your hectic summer schedule.  So take the opportunity to wear lighter colors (that might not be kid-friendly) and throw on a pair of heels.

Why did I choose this look for Angie?  Wearing similar tones head-to-toe adds perceived inches to her frame, while the subtle flare at the jeans’ hem balances her worked-out shoulders.  And it’s easy to put together – a simple top, jeans and stellar accessories add up to a look that’s subtly sophisticated, yet a bit edgy.


It’s super easy to default to a t-shirt and shorts for a barbecue – but if you don’t wear dresses a lot, why not wear one now?

Why did I choose this look for Angie?  A summer dress is the ultimate ‘one and done’ outfit – so there’s minimal stress about what to wear, especially when Angie needs to ensure that her husband and boys look appropriate, too.  Then it’s easy to add neutral accessories all in a black and tan color story.  And for Angie’s height, a floor-length maxi dress might overwhelm – but a high/low hem ankle–length one is just right…


A wedding invite gives delight to most, and angst to some – the question of what to wear can be daunting.  Luckily, summer weddings are usually less formal than their spring/fall/winter counterparts, so you can take a simple dress and jazz it up with a few doses of shine.

Why did I choose this look for Angie?  It’s based in a dress that’s appropriate for a summer wedding, but also for a nice dinner with friends – so she doesn’t necessarily have to buy something new.  And the accessories are attention-getters, but extremely versatile – she can wear all of them with a fancy cocktail dress, or use them to rev up a tank and jeans on a girls’ night out!


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