Summer Travelling Tips

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Summer travel is different from other seasonal travel. Airports are more crowded. Temperatures can be high and debilitating. Clothing you pack will be different and often needs more washing. Water is more important. Thunderstorm cancellations are less expected than snow storm delays. So how should be deal with summer travel?

Crowded Airports

Airports are more crowded and we all know to be there earlier than we want to be. Additional suggestions are bring your own snacks to avoid long lines for absurdly expensive airport food. Join an airport club for the day: many airline sites will offer a day pass, a treat but one most of us deserve. Watch your belongings as they go through the TSA machines and if using a small money belt, pack it into a bigger item. These can get caught in the machinery. Finally bring your own extra phone battery; airport outlets are likely to be busy. These cost very little and can be light weight. Water is a must when traveling in Summer. Bring an empty water bottle, ask flight staff to fill it up from their sources instead of just receiving a small cup of water from them. Yes, you will have to use the plane bathrooms more often, but that is life.

Choose Your Destinations Carefully

Global warming has altered weather patterns. Mexico is cooler in Summer and rainfall is to be expected late afternoons. Western Europe can be much hotter and museums, hotels and theaters might not have air conditioning. Or they might offer it only during the day. It is always a good idea to look at before you leave for both your destination any transit airport where you might be connecting.

If your area is going to be stormy, contact your airline and ask about free ticket changes. You might be able to change your flight before others are aware of the offer. Look at a competing airline for your route, if they are giving this offer, tell your company to pressure them a bit.


Clothing should be light, washable, and if you are in the market for new buys, check out some of the quick dry clothes. They are lighter to pay and will dry in hours. Hotel shampoo is useful for laundry! Bring a bathing suit even if you don’t think you will use it.

Here are some labels to look for:

  • Uniqlo Airism clothes
  • Athleta
  • North Face
  • Hanes, cool DRI performance tees $5-6 each
  • Travel easy pants by Bedford Fair

Where to go in Summer?

Northern Europe and Ireland of course. Choose countrysides rather than cities. Breezes and open spaces will help on a hot day. High altitude areas are perfect for Summer : who knows most of interior Mexico and the NW tip of South America are high. And South of the equator is winter so be aware of how cold or rainy your area will be.

Regarding Prices

Once you get to July 1 prices generally go up. June and September might be better months to travel, midweek and Sunday better than Friday and Saturday. Our favorite sites for bargains are and Both are reliable, and both combine unusual flights to give you the best deals.

Travel tips from The Women’s Travel Group at Contact us at or 646 309 5607. Many Tri-State Women travel with us and are going to Ireland and Scandinavia or colonial Mexico or fitness resorts this Summer.

Other trips including India, Italy, and Holiday trips can be found at


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