Superb Tomatoes Can Change the World

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Women have the power to change this world….when we realize it.”

– Janet M. Neal, Founder, The Superbwoman

cheryl and janet

The “head tomato” Cheryl Benton and the “Queen Bee” Janet Neal had a great conversation about the power we women have.

When Janet Neal, founder of The Superbwoman shared her concept of creating a “Tribe of Superbwomen”, a community of women who support one another, I loved the idea. And with lighting speed she has turned this into a reality, and I am honored to be one of the Council Members.  The Tribe of Superwomen is a membership group and you can learn much more about it here.

And I totally agree with Janet, that women have the power to change the world, and are doing just that.  This is just one of the topics that Janet and I discussed when I was a guest on her “Sundays at 7” show.  Watch the video.


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