Taking Our Fashion Clues from Men  

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Taking Our Fashion Clues from Men  

I notice more and more fashion articles on men’s clothing.  I think they’re a must-read for all fashionistas of both sexes.  After all, a well-dressed man is a woman’s favorite fashion accessory and what woman wants to steal a man’s clothing if it looks as if it spent a past life cleaning out the garage?

There are interviews with well-dressed men on what they’re wearing and why.  I’ve recently read articles on men’s grooming products and how women are stealing them.  I’ve often wondered whether there is any difference between a moisturizer for a woman and a man. Except the price, of course.  Men’s products are always cheaper than women’s.

Now that men are dying their hair, I’ve come across articles on that, too.  And I’ve read articles on cosmetics for men.  That I don’t like.  I don’t want any man wearing more makeup than I do. Fortunately, I don’t think we’re going to see too much of that anytime soon.

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As a fashionista in good standing, I especially enjoy the fashion articles.  In one magazine, I read that many fashionable men (who can afford it) are going back to wearing fine wrist-watches.  One of the many things I have against our electronic toys is they’re taking the place of fine wristwatches.  Recently a man was surprised I was wearing a beautiful gold watch. He said he didn’t think women wore them anymore.  No blackberry or strawberry or whatever will ever take the place of a beautiful watch on the wrist.

Fashion designers frequently borrow from men when they design women’s clothes.  Think of black-and-white shoes, button-down shirts and pants.  Why do you think they call them boyfriend jeans?  I love a very feminine woman wearing a man’s clothes.  They make her look even more feminine.

Read the articles on men’s fashions and decide what you’d like to steal from the man in your life.

miriamMiriam Silverberg is a free-lance journalist and owner of Miriam Silverberg Associates,

a boutique publicity firm in Manhattan.  She may be reached at silverbergm@mindspring.com.



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