The Green Room 42 Reopening

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The Green Room 42 Reopening

Ah, what’s this news . . . could it be . . . something’s comin’, something big. Yes! The Green Room 42 – the funkiest night spot in town at the Hotel Yotel, has set an opening cabaret date of April 2 and 3 with fabulous Tony Award winning Lillias White, live!

On April 8, young Joshua Turchin is set with special Broadway guests, for his Early Night Show. Following is Michael Longoria, star of Jersey Boys, scheduled on April 10.

The ever popular Boy Band Brunch begins on Sunday April 4 at 2 pm and continuing Sundays.

The Green Room 42 Reopening

Welcome back live the near naked singer/musician/actor duo The Skivvies (in their underwear) Lauren Molina and Nick Clearley on April 16. They’ve got special Broadway guests in their show.

Kenn Boisinger will turn Covid into lemonade right before your eyes on April 17 and Erika Henningsen (Broadway’s Mean Girls) enjoys being a ______? on April 24 and May 1.

This is a rip-roaring beginning to getting back to what we used to call normal nights out at cabaret entertainment. Get your tickets now! All Covid rules will be in effect and, yes, there is a menu!


10th Avenue and West 42Street in the Hotel Yotel

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