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Holy Moly Tomatoes! September is starting in two days. How did we get here so fast?! And it’s Labor Day Weekend to boot! The foodies over at the LA Times are bringing back “The Taste”. In the cool of the evening, the “626 Night Market” will be celebrating Asian food, shopping and fun. You can get classic, Ladies, with “The Heal” at the Getty Villa through September.  And one of my favorite artists will be at the “The Other Art Fair” next week. And this weekend The Aquarium of the Pacific has extended hours with a big discount!  So, enjoy the long weekend and the short week ahead!

Aug 30-Sept 1. The Taste

 “The Taste” hosted by the Los Angeles Times is back and is bigger and better with more delish, dreamy and yummy cuisine than ever before served up to tantalize your taste buds this holiday weekend. The massive LA Times food festival celebrates the best authentic food and drink in LA, with seminars, wine tastings, and, of course, tons of food from celebrity-name chefs and oodles of fun Tomatoes around every corner.

The event will be held at Paramount Studios Backlot, which is one of the coolest studio backlots EVER.  If nothing else Tomatoes, it’s a great way to see where movie magic happens. And if you are an LA Times subscriber, well, you are in luck because you can save $25 on tickets. Hip, Hip hooray!

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Aug 30-Sept 1. 626 Night Market

The Santa Anita Race Park and 626 Night Market have a beautiful relationship and we …you and me Tomatoes…get to benefit from their collaboration with unique and enormous selections of Asian cuisine, culture and merchandise, featuring 300+ food, merchandise, crafts, arts, games, music, and entertainment attractions that appeals to all ages. Love that word merchandise Tomatoes.

626 Night Market is the original and largest night market in the United States and is based on the famous night bazaars of Asia, which are known for their street foods and cheap shopping. Cheap is another magic word for me. A range of food that spams the spectrum from traditional Taiwanese street foods and classic Chinese dishes to fusion Asian/Mexican creations, Japanese Takoyaki, fruit topped American funnel cakes are offered to tickle and please your palate tomatoes. 626 Night Market’s mission is also to be a platform to showcase local businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists in the …626 area code.  Something for everyone ladies…enjoy!

Sept 5-8  The Other Art Fair

Los Angeles’ favorite independent artist showcase, “The Other Art Fair” presented by Saatchi Art in partnership with Bombay Sapphire, returns for its 4th year and gives Tomatoes the opportunity to meet a curated selection of over 140 independent artists and browse thousands of pieces to suit every budget all under one roof at Barker Hanger.  And one of my favorite artists, Amy Smith (bought two of her pieces that I adore), will be featured again at “The Other Art Fair”. It’s truly an art fair for everyone Tomatoes.

Whether you’re a first-time art buyer, seasoned collector, curator, investor, gallery owner, art lover or anything in between, you are guaranteed to find something to add to (or start!) your collection. Incredible art from Amy Smith and many other talented artists with prices starting at $150. Wow! Plus, with unique immersive experiences, live DJ sets, event tours, conversations with some of the art scene’s leading names, live art activations and a fully stocked bar awaiting you, what more do you need to enjoy a cultural experience in Santa Monica.

Sept 5 -28 The Heal

“The Heal” is a bold, irreverent, spiritual and musical new version of Sophocles’ timeless tale about the wounds we carry, the ones we cause, and the redeeming power of human connection. “The Heal” is presented in the gorgeous Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman Outdoor Classical Theatre under the stars overlooking the Pacific Ocean. What a splendid and breathtaking way to see a classic play with a twist Tomatoes.  

The wounded Philoctetes (Phil) has suffered alone on a desert island for years, stranded there by Odysseus. But now Odysseus needs Phil’s magic weapons to win the Trojan War and enlists Achilles’s daughter Nia to help make peace. It is adapted and directed by heavyweight Aaron Posner with music by Cliff Eberhardt and co-produced by Maryland’s Round House Theatre.

Attention Audio Book Lovers

If you haven’t read CAN YOU SEE US NOW? a novel by Cheryl Benton (aka the “head tomato) now you can listen to it. Enter here for a chance to win a copy of the audio book.

August 30-Sept 2. Aquarium of the Pacific Discounted Late Nights

Imagine how super cool it would be to hang in the evening at The Aquarium of the Pacific?! Well you don’t have to imagine, Tomatoes, you can experience it for yourselves through this long weekend. A less crowded aquarium with a discounted price is just what the doctor ordered and all of the Comb Jellies that were cultured at the Aquarium are on display in the Northern Pacific Gallery and that’s a first Tomatoes.

The Aquarium The Aquarium will be open from 5 p.m. to 9p.m. until Sept. 2 with a deep discount for tickets with an admission price of just $19.95 and the entire Aquarium will be open except for Lorikeet Forest.  Concessions and the gift shop will stay open as well. While “Fleet Week” is happening veterans and military personnel get FREE admission.  Make sure you stop by the Northern Pacific Gallery to see the beautiful displays of the Comb Jellies. These are a very delicate species to raise, and Senior Aquarist Josh was able to reproduce them successfully by feeding the parent (simultaneous hermaphrodite) a very specific diet of fish larvae. Wow!  Nights at our incredible Aquarium are obviously a great place to be Tomatoes.

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