Time to stop. For just a while.

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Time to stop. For just a while.

We have all been dealing with a long stretch of pandemic hell, isolation trauma, loss, grief, fear, concern and a whole lot of “what the hell is going on?” Not to mention teaching kids at home, upgrading technology, cooking more than we ever have, remembering to bring masks every time we leave the house, using hand sanitizer copiously, and working longer and harder than we even thought possible,  thanks to endless Zoom meetings and conference calls.

With that, I say, let’s all take a collective breath. Let’s stop for just a few days, or even a day.

It is going to be a beautiful Labor Day weekend in the New York area. The sun will shine, the air will be fresh. So, take this time to renew, refresh and revive yourself. You deserve it.

I will be back next week with some exciting news about a virtual symposium that will inspire you to create change in our environment and communities.

Till then…..breathe….

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