Tips for Creating More Fulfilling Relationships

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Tips for Creating More Fulfilling Relationships

  1. Create more connection through where you place your attention

Focus of what the person is doing RIGHT, rather than what is missing. Most people blossom through words of praise and encouragement and shrink when criticized. As you look for what the person is doing right, you will notice even more to appreciate!

Practice: If you are about to criticize, stop and ask yourself, “Will this comment cause connection or distance? Do I really need to say this?”

  1. Be available through compassionate communication

The best way to do this is by communicating your upsets, needs and desires. Otherwise, resentments grow and will cause distance in the relationship. A client who was considering leaving her husband said, “For years I swept everything under the rug and now the rug is getting lumpy.”

Practice: If you find it difficult to speak up, are afraid of confrontation, or end up in arguments then work with a relationship coach who can teach you solution oriented, positive communication methods.

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  1. Be available to yourself! 

When you fill yourself with love, then you can be more available for others. When you feel full, then you can give out of desire or generosity rather than because you feel obligated or to receive in return. Also, when you are caring toward yourself, you won’t be looking to the outside for nurturing and love in the same way as when you feel a lack.

Practice: For one week, look in the mirror, smile and give yourself a compliment Generally, speak kindly to yourself as you would to a sweet child. If you catch yourself criticizing or negating yourself, then simply say, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that. You really are __________________ (fill in a kinder statement)

Healing Technique for more peace, calm and self-love: “Hands on Heart”

  • Cross your hands in the center of your chest which is your heart chakra
  • Inhale gently through your nose and exhale through your mouth
  • Feel the connection between your hands and your heart. The palms of our hands have heart charkas also so you are creating a 3 way heart connect!ion.
  • Repeat two more times and smile 🙂

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Joan pagano says:

    Thanks for easy, practical tips that we can use right away. I love the “Hands on Heart” healing technique and find it soothing to use as I’m falling asleep (or having trouble sleeping).

  2. Excellent advice Cheryl! Love the heartfelt hands on heart as well. Great for sleep:)❤️❤️
    Be well

  3. Thank you Joan and Arden – so glad that you like the practical tips and advice! Interesting that you mention liking my technique, ‘hands on heart’ for sleep. I taught this technique at a seminar a year ago and a woman told me recently that she uses it every night to help her let go of the day and to transition into sleep!!!!

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