Tips for Making Valentine’s Day Special for Singles & Couples

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If you have a partner

  1. If you have a particular way of celebrating Valentine’s Day together, then consider changing it up. Changing a routine can bring new vitality and excitement to the experience.
  2. Think about what you partner would love rather than what you would like to give to him or her.
  3. Start planning ahead of time so that you both have something special to look forward to!
  4. Sensual delights. Create a plate with juicy berries, succulent orange pieces, and decadent chocolate. Your partner closes their eyes, and you feed him or her with your fingers. Then he/she feeds you.
  5. More sensual delights. Caress a silk scarf or feather along your partner’s bodies while they simply surrender to the experience.

If you are single

  1. Pamper yourself as you would like to be pampered
  2. Plan a night out or make a conscious plan to spend the evening at home the way you would like to: rather than just reacting by default.
  3. If you are healing from a breakup, allow yourself to have all of your feelings and realize that it is part of the healing process. Take comfort in believing that by next Valentine’s Day you will feel so much better.
  4. Buy your “inner kid” a present. Go to a store and ask “her” what she wants.
  5. Create a vision for how you would like the next 3 months or 6 months to be. Then choose one step that can start the process and write it in your calendar.

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