Tough Love for Your Closet

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Come on, you know there are clothes in your closet that are not doing you any good, yet there they are.

Likely you have a few unhealthy relationships on those hangers, yet you still keep them hanging around.

You are not alone, but I’m here to help you know which of your clothes need to be kicked to the curb.

It’s time for some tough love and it’s also time to break up with some of your clothes! You will stop getting stressed out about your overstuffed clothes closet when you feel clearer about what you can let go of and also never worry about whether or not you made a mistake saying goodbye.

Here’s Tip #1 to show you how to know which of your clothes need to get out and stay out of your closet. By the time you’ve followed all my my tips to end your closet shame, you’ll have fewer clothes in your closet but more outfits to wear after you get the clothes that are doing you wrong out of your life…I mean closet.

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