Track Your Steps in Style

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We love our fitness trackers, especially the Fitbit, but really hate those cheap looking plastic bands.  Well now you don’t have to give up style to track your 10,000 steps a day.  Here are some great bracelets for both the Fitbit Flex and the Fitbit HR and other trackers too.

Tory Burch turns the Fitbit Flex into a beautiful bracelet

Track Your Steps in StyleGet rid of the ugly plastic bracelet and insert the “guts” of your Fitbit flex into this beautiful bracelet from the queen of style.  You’ll find several styles at the Tory Burch web site.  This one is $135 from Tory Burch.

Cone Cuff Bracelet for the Fitbit

Track Your Steps in StyleOne of regular style contributors, Scarlett DeBease, put us on the trail of these beautiful Fitbit bracelets from Bezels and Bytes. They have several different designs, but we especially love this Cone Cuff bracelet for $98.

Replace Your Fitbit Flex Band bands are so adorable, plus they have a strap like a watch too, because aren’t those flex bands a pain to put back on?  And at $12.99 you can buy several.  Get them at Amazon.

Accessorize the Fitbit Charge or Charge HR you wear the Fitbit Charge or Charge HR this colorful beaded layered snap bracelet is a way to jazz it up.  Reminiscent of a friendship bracelet, the braided rainbow thread adds an amazing pop of color. $32 at Amazon.

Fitbit Bling for Charge and Charge HR handcrafted Fitbit® bling Charge/Charge HR jewelry accessories will help you stay fabulously fashionable while wearing your favorite fitness tracker to the office or an event. This bling will fit Fitbit® Flex as well!  $16.99 Amazon.

Hide Your Tracker bracelet will actually hide a number of fitness trackers.  So if you’re going somewhere special and don’t want the tracker to show, this is ideal.  $36 from Amazon.

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