Travel Tips: Don’t Forget Your Expiration Dates

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Travel Tips: Don’t Forget Your Expiration Dates

The first group of Global Priority users is expiring. If you did as I did, and registered on line then at the airport, you might not be notified that your GP has expired. You will need to go online again at   and fill out an application with updated information.  You might find out that your Global Priority is about to end.

Passport expiration and more: Most countries today require 6 months left from the day you leave that destination. Immigration can turn you away if you do not have the required 6 months left. Another newish issue is that some countries are requesting you have an empty visa page. That means one with no other stamps on it. Overlapping visa stamps can be used by criminals for fraudulent visas.)

If you do not have an empty page or are about to fill the last pages with your upcoming trip, you need to purchase more pages. This takes time and effort to mail or deliver your passport to the US Passport Agency. Once back, check that the information on the pages is in sync with your passport information.

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Airline miles can expire. Example:  American Airlines: AAdvantage miles do not expire as long as you have qualifying account activity once every 18 months.

Other hotel and airline miles expire if you are not active. Here is a good summary.

The debit card you only use overseas? Check it now. Note: many banks do not charge a foreign currency service fee for private accounts- they do for business accounts. Check your personal debit card and get it updated.

And that brings me to the end: currency that does expire. The British Pound has new bills and coins. If you have old currency, bring it to a bank in Britain and most will swap it out. Here are the currencies you are likely to have under your mattress: Deutsche marks, Spanish pesetas, French francs, Italian lire, Irish pounds, Belgian francs, Dutch guilders, Greek drachmas, Austrian schillings. You might be able to bring them to a Central Bank or a change bureaux. More likely, not. You can donate them to the charity offered on airlines during the flight.

So clean out your stuff ladies and get ready for your next trip with no expirations you forgot you had.

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