Palate Passport: A trip around the world…through food.

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I truly believe that the way to unite people of all nations is through music and food. They are both things that every culture loves.

So, I was very intrigued when I heard about a new cookbook titled Palate Passport, filled with stories of travel, exotic foods, colorful artwork and photographs. Author Neha Khullar invites us on a journey to many corners of the globe, bringing to light dishes and types of foods that are not necessarily commonly known, while at the same time providing recipes for some down home American comfort food.

Neha hails from New Jersey and has a corporate background. However, she chucked that life to follow her passion for food and cooking. Neha went on an expedition to explore culinary traditions around the world. It took her three years to write the Palate Passport, and along the way, she founded Food Moodz, an online platform for foodies to share information on trends, recipes, chef profiles and favorite dishes.

I pored through Neha’s Palate Passport, enjoying the stories behind the recipes, and the really beautiful photos and artwork.  I can’t wait to try Malaysian Pineapple Fried Cauliflower Rice or Portuguese Pica Pau, a recipe for flank steak served with pickled vegetables.

Although many of the recipes are ones I have never seen and dishes I am not familiar with, there are also recipes for basic American eats like a Blueberry Pie from South Jersey or Maine Lobster Rolls.

Look, food is food. But it’s how people from each culture prepare dishes with unique spices and fabulous traditions that allows every heritage to celebrate and share its own special culinary customs.

To further enjoy this book, choose a recipe or two that intrigues you, listen to music from the regions highlighted, and celebrate being a citizen of the world …through food.


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