Two Unusual Exhibits at the Met Breuer

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by Miriam SilverbergThe Met Breuer is showing two unusual exhibits.  The first is “Ettore Sottsass:  Design Radical.” Sottsass was Italian and worked in different mediums and did many different things.  He looked for the hidden wonder and discovery present in ordinary things.  He worked at so many scales, from airports and houses to ceramics and jewelry.  He pioneered conceptual design with an adventurous outlook that challenged conventions.  Many of his ideas were so radical they rarely progressed beyond their prototype.

The other exhibit is “Body Politic”.  Body Politic used to mean a disparate group of people and now it means these peoples’ views and emotions and feelings.  The exhibit encompasses four videos where the camera is actually a witness to black peoples’ distress, acts of rebellion and acts of injustice.

Both exhibits are well-worth seeing.

Miriam Silverberg is a freelance journalist and owner of Miriam Silverberg Associates, a boutique publicity agency in Manhattan.  She may be reached


  • New York City has some of the best museums in the world, large and small. Exploring NYC's cultural activities is highlight of living or visiting here.

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