Want to Look Younger? Change What You Wear

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There are little things you can do when deciding what to wear and buy that will take years off how you look and therefore feel.

In other words…BIG results from small efforts with the easy to follow styling tricks you need and deserve to know.

The Tricks & Tips I share won’t require you to buy new clothes or lose weight. 

Yeah, I said it!

Two Big Tips

I’m going to share two biggies with you here, because you deserve to know how much you can accomplish with very little effort or expense.

Below are two of the MANY tips I share in my video course – Dress Without Stress

Answer this question first to see if you qualify for benefiting from this tip.

Q.  Do you want to make your skin look smoother, less wrinkled, even-toned, and younger?

If your answer is duh, of course I do, then you’re going to love the tip below.

Notice how these fabrics are highly textured, and if your face is textured from either having freckles, lines, wrinkles, or uneven skin tones, you SHOULD wear textured fabrics.

Styling Tricks You Need To Know

When you wear fabrics near your face that are similar to the texture and patterns on your face, they will become either LESS or MORE noticeable.

Do not wear silk, satin, or other ultra-smooth fabrics if you’d prefer to bring less attention to the texture on your face because they’ll make your lines and wrinkles far more obvious which can make you look older than you are.

Here’s another quick tip that will not only make you look younger but also healthier.

If the whites of your eyes and/or teeth are not bright white, you should avoid wearing wearing pure white near your face.

Similar to the texture tip, you’ll bring unwanted attention to not having bright white eyes and teeth if you place pure/bright white near your face.

Instead, wear a softer white such as off-white, snowflake white, or whatever other ridiculous name designers come up with. 

In a nutshell, pick a white similar to your eyes and teeth. When you choose the right white, you’ll look like you have whiter and brighter eyes and teeth.

Think about pearls to brighten your eyes and pearly whites. Hold up bright white and then pearls right near your face. 

You’ll instantly see which is better for you.

Want to Look Younger? Change What You Wear
Photo by Volha Kudzina.

It’s amazing how by changing what you wear in even the smallest of ways, you can easily accent the positive and visually eliminate the negative.

These tips took you less than a few minutes to get, process, and think WOW I never knew that, and heck think I can do that. 

Don’t think it. Know it, because YES, YOU CAN

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