What Are You Wearing and Who’s Watching?  

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Be careful when you place a call using your iPhone, as you never know who can see you when you don’t know it.

No I am not a conspiracy theorist, only a woman out for your best interest because I don’t want you to ever be caught like a colleague of mine was, when she once made a business call from her iPhone.

Like many entrepreneurs, she works from her home and decided to stay in her pj’s and robe for the day. Personally, I love days like that, but now I will be aware of what can happen when I least expect it.

My colleague placed the phone down and spoke using its speaker to the gentleman she had never met before, when he shocked her by when he commented on the fact that he could see her! Somehow her iPhone went to FaceTime, and sure enough when she glanced down, she could see herself and the person with whom she was speaking. She quickly grabbed the phone and placed it to her ear, so as to end the somewhat embarrassing and shocking visual call.
Thankfully, she wasn’t giving herself a skin care treatment with a mud mask at the time of this FaceTime call. Now that would have been a shocker to the gentleman on the other line for sure

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I did some research, and there are reports of this happening unintentionally, but it is also possible to press FaceTime instead of Call on your iPhone as they are near each other on the phone’s screen.

Keep this is mind next time you place or answer a call, and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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