What Diet & Foods Are Right For Me? 

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The Paleo? Mediterranean? Atkins? Wheat Belly? Raw-Vegan Diet?

what diets and foods are right for me, the three tomatoesIt is not about the food, it is about your unique biochemistry: Consider Metabolic Typing: Customized Nutrition!

Next time when you are on a bus, subway, train or plane, take a good look around you and really pay attention to all the details of each individual. I am not advocating staring, but do observe.

We are unique in so many ways. To begin with the obvious, we all look different with our individual shapes, sizes, facial features, necklines, body type, shoe size, hands, in short, no two of us are the same!

The way we all appear different on the outside, we are also different on the inside. That includes:

  • Our specific metabolic rate
  • Our individual biochemistry
  • Our genetic predispositions that determines how our body functions (or is challenged).

So often we hear that ‘no two snowflakes are the same’. That is true – and it also plays an important in our nutrition. Our individual biochemical needs play a large role when addressing specific nutritional needs.

One Man’s Meat Is Another Man’s Poison”

Everyone is different. This is why some have a great response to the Paleo Diet, others do not. Some fare better on a more Mediterranean Diet, other do not. However, everyone benefits from not eating processed foods, sugars and elimination of gluten.

Three Key Considerations Regarding Your Dietary Needs:

  • How your body responds to food is unique to you
  • What your mind says you ‘should’ eat might be very different from what your body biochemistry needs
  • There is no ‘one’ Diet that works for all

Example: In my practice, I have experienced great results, e.g. when a ‘prior Vegetarian’ client completes the Metabolic Typing Test and is typed as a Protein Type. When that client started to eat along the specific Food plan, boy, did that energy and vitality return, and a few undesirable pounds were shed along the way…

What is important to consider is that genetics create our individual blueprint. This includes ancestral information regarding what food strategy is best for you as an individual, no matter what is the ‘de jour’ Diet.

In addition to Metabolic Typing, I am a follower of the Weston A. Price philosophy where the following principles are adhered:

  • Ancestral traits from multiple generations are considered in dietary needs
  • Food availability from the immediate environment (not far way places)
  • Traditional Foods not ‘contaminated ‘ by processed foods production
  • Seasonal variety – considering climate
  • Seasonal availability of foods – considering cycles of Nature

If there was a drought or cold Winter months in more extreme areas – it was time for a Famine. In Summer, with more sun and longer days, the food availability resembled a ‘feast’. This included fruits to help ‘fatten up’ before the Winter months of ‘famine’. It really makes great sense, as food pasteurization, global transportation and year-round food availability were not part of ‘Caveman’s Food Plate’!

The work of Westin A. Price is extremely valuable to gain a better understanding of metabolic individuality. In the 1930’s, Weston A. Price, DDS, led a team of researchers and physicians to study the nutrition, health and fertility of traditional cultures not affected by the Western Diet. To learn more about this study, his book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration’ is a great resource with terrific information and photos

Consideration of Diet and Genetics?

Our genetics and ancestry play a large role in our nutritional needs. This goes back many, many generations before we were able to travel all over the world. In our world today, we have an incredibly mixed gene pool!

  • Now you might ask: How do I find out what foods are best for me?
  • What is my ‘true’ nutritional ancestry?
  • All are considered in your genetic blueprint. It is more important to consider the effect of food, good or bad, on your biochemistry, rather than just looking at food.
  • Foods have specific nutrients incl. fats, proteins and carbs (veggies and fruit). Which selection suits your internal ‘software’ the best?

“If you had your Apple computer, you would not use a cable that is used for a PC computer. It is the same with food.”

Cravings, a drop in energy, funky moods, PMS/Hot flashes, poor concentration, excessive hunger, weight gain etc: All of these symptoms are indications that your food choices might not be optimal for your biochemistry. The best way to explore what your unique needs is by doing the Metabolic Typing Test (from ‘Healthexcel’, there are ‘rip-offs’ available, so you want to go to the source)

The Healthexcel System of Metabolic Typing addresses your specific needs.

Your appetite, favorite foods (sugar, bread, cereal and ice cream do not count – everybody enjoys these foods!), and your specific metabolic rate are all clues in gaining a better understanding of your nutritional needs and blood sugar balance.

This unique comprehensive, specific and testable approach allows for optimal healing, as the following are addressed at nutritional levels:

  • Nutrient needs
  • Lifestyle
  • Exercise program
  • Weight management
  • Hormonal balance
  • Immune support or immune modulation if needed
  • Toxicity
  • Clarity of mind /memory
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved sleep
  • Work performance
  • Mood
  • Sabotaging behavior
  • Cravings
  • Emotional and psychological wellbeing

Metabolic Typing goes beyond customized nutrition as it also addresses hormonal imbalances, hidden infections, bone health, insomnia, weight issues, essential fatty acid imbalances that contribute to pain and inflammation, heavy metal toxicity, and much more.

It is all a long – term, health building and holistic process. To find out what your best food strategy is, it all begins with a comprehensive online questionnaire. This assessment will determine which foods are ideal for you and the optimal ratio of protein, fats and carbs for your biochemistry.

With the ‘gluten issue’, plus multiple food issues today, all food concerns, availability, lifestyle and budgets are taken into consideration. That is the basis of customized nutrition. You are welcome to email me for more information if you are confused regarding your nutrition.

“Your Eating Conclusion”

Your nutritional needs are unique and a ‘one size fits all approach’ or calorie restriction is not the ideal path towards improving your health. We are biochemically different and that requires a customized nutritional approach, which takes our genetic strengths, weaknesses, allergies, lifestyle and environment into consideration.

The key is, to listen to the body (not the mind). When craving or being hungry, is it for sweets? Fat? Protein? Or emotionally based…?

If you are not ready to explore your Metabolic Type, do make sure to include complex carbs, healthy fat and protein source in each meal or snack on a daily basis.


  • Rika Keck, is the founder NY Integrated Health. Rika is trained extensively in Applied Clinical Nutrition, Metabolic Typing, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and Exercise. As a Health Expert, she is able to address underlying metabolic imbalances contributing to e.g. digestive ailments, weight gain, food sensitivities, skin conditions, fatigue, Candida, immune dysfunctions, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, painful joints and detoxification concerns. In addition, she can provide a metabolic - health evaluation of blood labs. As an Exercise Expert, she is able to facilitate improved function, sports performance and post-surgery rehabilitation exercise. As a Health Advocate, she is an impassioned and knowledgeable speaker on a broad range of holistic Wellness topics. Contact Rika Keck at: www.nyintegratedhealth.com/ 646 285-8588

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