Where Travel is Returning

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Where Travel is Returning

It feels as if the animals in Noah’s Ark finally see land. Travel is returning.  Optimism with more vaccines is growing. One by one, North American women are receiving a first or second vaccine. After celebrating with even more wine, women are booking travel. 

Our travel futures might have some restrictions some new regulations.  Don’t be deterred by these little annoyances. After all we of a certain age traveled with a Yellow Certificate of Vaccination. It will in future be called our QR Health Code.

But here is a snapshot of today. Tomorrow will likely be better and the next even more so.

Major U.S. cruise lines, including Carnival Cruise, Celebrity, Disney,Norwegian Cruise Line, etc.  have again delayed the return to sailing. The earliest trips are now to depart late Spring 2021. One glitch is the Alaska cruise. Because Canada is still closed to US residents/citizens, the cruises which leave from Vancouver are stuck for the time being.

Canada has been very circumspect about opening; we do not know if the Biden Administration can loosen the rules with more compatible relations.

Mexcio. Examples of an area opened is Mexico. Mexico has been flooded with Americans and Mexico City recently so. Mexico City will soon host major festivities related to its 500 birthday. There is no test required for Mexico; however, when I went in October 2020, was an official taking temperatures when you landed. There were special airport staffers who monitored distancing even though the Mexico City Airport was empty. Hand sanitizer was offered generously.

Per Biden’s Executive Order airlines require a negative antigen test to fly back to the US. Don’t worry, many hotels are offering antigen tests on site.  Ixtapan Resort is a good example of this new amenity. Management has a doctor on site, is supplied with antigen tests, has access to a laboratory and provides official documentation. The antigen test is free to all guests in time for their return home.

The Caribbean: each island has different rules. Most require the lengthier PCR test with results no older than 72 hours. Fortunately, many labs can now deliver this test in a day.

Aruba is helpful: the island allows entry with the negative PCR also. If you fly in, you can take the test there, quarantine until you get results (official sites say 24 hours?) then go about your vacation.

Some areas (even in the US like Massachusetts) require a travel form with details about whether you wish to quarantine, get tested or bring your test results. Landing at JFK, you might see National Guard who will have you fill out a questionnaire and follow quaranting/testing protocols.

Some countries require health insurance.We think no one should travel without health insurance anyway.  For instance, The Emirates where our group is going in October, has a $18 per person charge for insurance.   Some airlines: Emirates and Virgin at last count, are giving insurance to flyers! If you fly with them out of the US and get sick abroad, their insurance will cover any expenses.

Europe is opening gradually. First closed borders, then opening to other European Union and Schengen countries, now talk about vaccinated visitors.

Ironically for all our ingesting and waiting, most pundits say the US will be over supplied with vaccines by June. In the last few weeks. airline stocks jumped in recognition of progress. 

Bad for travelers, is tour companies and cruises are booked up already for end of year and 2022. Airfares are going up sharply and soon. Finally Deutsche Bank analysts say $1.5 trillion of savings for discretionary spending like travel are about to be spent- some on the tour you waited too long to book.

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