Win a Show-Score Theater Experience

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Show-Score is the the One Stop For Theater Lovers!

Win a Show-Score Theater Experience

If you love the theater Show-Score simply and clearly organizes the information you need to discover shows you’ll love, from people you trust, at the right price for you. And they make it fun for you to share what you think about the shows you’ve seen.  Here’s what you’ll find there all in one place:

  • ALL shows playing in NYC. Trending new shows and classic favorites on Broadway and Beyond Broadway.
  • ALL reviews from critics and members. Discover shows you’ll love…with recommendations from members like you!
  • Get FREE theater tickets…when you rate six or more shows!
  • ALL prices, including discounts, lotteries, and fees. Save money…compare to find the right price for you!
  • ALL the fun with unique theater-related activities. Immerse yourself in a fascinating behind-the-scenes experience and mingle with fellow theater lovers.


Theater Tickets Giveaway: LAUGH IT UP, STARE IT DOWN

CLICK HERE FOR A chance to win two tickets to a Show-Score experience which includes salons, tours, and fun theater related activities.


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