Would you be caught dead in this?

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Okay Tomatoes. So sometimes fashion goes wrong. Very wrong. Here are a few new fashion items that our caught our eye recently, and not in a good way.  What do you think?

The Upside Down Denim Shorts

Would you be caught dead in this?Seriously?  Yep.  Each pair is a one of a kind and can be yours for just  $384.

Anna Wintour Approved.

Would you be caught dead in this?

Yep.  These truly ugly sneakers from Nike, are a new collaboration with Anna Wintour.  They’re Nike AWOK Air Jodan. The AWOK is “Anna Wintour Okay” which is what she wrotes on each page of the magazine when she approves.  Available soon and expect big $$$$.

The High Heel Croc.

Would you be caught dead in this?As if crocs wern’t ugly enough, now they put a heel on them.

The Platform Croc.

Would you be caught dead in this?And there was this croc that Balenciaga debuted at their spring/summer Paris fashion show.  And get this – they cost $850 and sold out at Barneys before they were even released.

The Slouchy Denim Boot.

Would you be caught dead in this?

And what was J Lo thinking when she donned this look?  And rumor is these Versace boots go for about $3,000.  Rush out right now to get a pair.

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