Yes, We Want Mother’s Day Gifts.

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  And remember, when we say “Oh I don’t really need anything,” that may be true but it doesn’t mean we don’t want anything. We have some fun gift ideas for just about any Mother who is on your grateful list.

For The gardener

Kick the Garden Up a Notch with FUNKY VEG KIT Gift Box

Yes, We Want Mother’s Day Gifts.How cool is this. 5 Extraordinary Vegetables to Grow -Everything you need to start growing in one box! The veggies include:  purple carrots, yellow courgettes, stripped tomatoes, red brussels spouts, and mult-colored swiss chard. $18.99 Amazon.

The T-Shirt That Says It All

Yes, We Want Mother’s Day Gifts.The best gardening gift is a funny gardening gift.  Love this t-shirt.  $22-$24. Amazon.

The Music Lover

The Perfect Headphones

Yes, We Want Mother’s Day Gifts.These Bluetooth Headphones (that also have a speaker) and are noise cancelling too are perfect for listening to music, making phone calls, travelling and anywhere you want to zone out.  Over the ear and super comfortable.  $55.99 Amazon.

Spotify Premium

Get all the music you love, no ads, and you can download songs. $9.99 a month.

Wine Lovers

You Don’t Have to be a Middle Sister to Love Their Wines

Yes, We Want Mother’s Day Gifts.We’ve been fans of Middle Sister Wines since they were first introduced ten years ago. Each wine as a quirky “middle sister” character who claims their own varietal and personality.  Along with the fun, the wines are really good too and have won several gold medals.  Any wine loving Mom on your list will love it. They’re reasonably priced too.  Get details and retailer locations too.

The Ultimate Wine Opener

Yes, We Want Mother’s Day Gifts.This is the original Rabbit vertical lever corkscrew easily uncorks any size wine bottle in 3 seconds flat, then immediately releases the cork after opening.  $34.40 from Amazon.


Floral Tote from Ted Baker London

Yes, We Want Mother’s Day Gifts.Florals are the trend this season and this room tote from Ted Baker London in lustrous satin is a great way to wear the trend.  $149. Nordstrom.

Floral Tote from Elliott Lucca Ana

Yes, We Want Mother’s Day Gifts.We love the delicate flowers on this small tote. $148. Amazon.

The Reader

The Ultimate E-Read

Yes, We Want Mother’s Day Gifts.The Kindle paperwhite is only 6”, with a high resolution screen, no glare, a built-in light and wifi.  $99. At Amazon.

The Book Tomatoes are Loving, shameless self-promotion, but seriously, Tomatoes are loving the book. Check out our 40 five star reviews on Amazon.

The Traveler

Travel in Style

Yes, We Want Mother’s Day Gifts.We love this American Touristic 21” carrying on with spinning wheels. You’ll easily find your bag in that sea of black.  $40.99 Amazon.

Sleep Well

Yes, We Want Mother’s Day Gifts.Even screaming kids on your next flight won’t be a problem with this travel kit – pillow, sleep mask, and earplugs. $19.99 Amazon.

The Chef

The Oil-less Air Fryer

Yes, We Want Mother’s Day Gifts.Check this out tomatoes. This baby “fries” food with oil (or just a little).  We have not tried it but it has great reviews.  Bring on the fried chicken and French fries. $75. Amazon.

Grow Your Herbs

Yes, We Want Mother’s Day Gifts.In this beautiful reclaimed barnwood planter, grow your own cooking herbs from seed. Kit comes with:  basil, dill, thyme, parsley, oregano, cilantro. $44.95 from Amazon.



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